Medical Error by Richard Mabry

I usually really like medical thrillers by doctors. Not so with Medical Error by Richard Mabry. I didn’t not like it, but I didn’t love it either. The story idea is great. Dr. Anna McIntyre’s patient dies in the OR due to a severe reaction to an antibiotic. Then the DEA shows up and accuses her of writing (and presumably selling) Vicodin prescriptions. Then she discovers her credit card numbers have been stolen and maxed out by someone. A few days later, the Dallas Police accuse her of murdering the patient by purposefully giving him an antibiotic she knew he was allergic to. In among all this (and more), she hires a recovering alcoholic lawyer who seems to want to date her before he even meets her all while sort of starting a relationship with a pathologist that apparently works down the hall, but she’s never met before.

For the most part the story made sense (despite some pretty big plot holes). Who I suspected as the culprit kept changing and one particular scene at the very end was excellent. The climax and resolution was written extremely well. The biggest problem I had, though, was how even though the characters were smart people, they made some extremely dumb decisions and missed things that seemed rather obvious. There was also the random religious bits thrown in. They seemed contrived as a way for the author to sermonize. They could have been (should have been) left out completely. They really didn’t fit into the book as a whole. Medical Error is the second book in the Prescription for Trouble series. I didn’t read the first one (got this one free a few years ago) and, even though I don’t feel like I wasted my time reading it, I don’t plan to read any others.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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