The Beach House by James Patterson

First Peter Mullen is murdered and it is ruled an accident or suicide. Then everyone who believes he was murdered starts being threatened. Meanwhile, Peter’s older brother Jack is finishing up law school and, with his friends and grandfather, comes up with a plan to reveal to the world just what happened to Peter and why.

The Beach House by James Patterson was a good book. It’s not one I’d ever want to read a second time, but I enjoyed reading it once. It was actually perfect for right now since I am recovering from surgery and books requiring less brain power to process are a good thing. The action was slow and steady. There were no boring parts, but no super exciting ones either. Most of it was completely unbelievable and the epilogue was a bit hokey (yet nice). The way it was told as (mostly – there are exceptions) first person narration of current events with a little bit of commentary directed directly as the reader (address as “you”) starting with Peter in the prologue and then shifting to Jack, was a little strange, but eventually I got used to it. For an easy, quick, mild action/thriller read, The Beach House is a good choice.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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