Canadian Meds by John Moynihan

I really thought Canadian Meds by John Moynihan would get better. I read the whole thing. It didn’t. The premise is good. The CEO and CMO of an internet drug company based in Canada cook up a plan to sell fake pills in the place of the real thing in order to pad their pockets and get rich. The book might have been good in the hands of a better author. As it is, it is pretty terrible.

First, the language. It is completely unnecessary. I don’t mind when books have an occasional swear word here and there. It seemed like a lot of the cussing in this one was for shock value. Second, the incredible amount of sex. Again, nearly all of it is completely unnecessary. Some is needed since one of the fake drugs is Erecta (for erectile dysfunction). The euphemisms and descriptions, though, were all ridiculous. Third, the characters. They are all flat and you just don’t care about them. The dialogue sounds like someone talking to themselves. None of the characters had their own voice. Fourth, the womanizing. Pretty much every man in the book is getting old (at 50!), out of shape, etc. Every woman is gorgeous. Every man apparently wants nothing more than to hop into bed with these gorgeous women and eye them like they are pieces of meat. Fifth, incredibly predictable. Nothing is a surprise. Everything that happens (and it happens slowly) is expected. Sixth, the ending. The ending is totally stupid and missing something. After learning the stories of several characters, suddenly they are just gone and it’s all about the CEO. His story is wrapped up, but the others are not.

Don’t waste your time on Canadian Meds. Even free it’s not worth it.

1 (out of 5) Stars

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