Vaccine Nation by David Lender

Vaccine Nation by David Lender promised to be a thriller and it did not disappoint. The action started at the beginning and didn’t quit until the very end. Dani North is a documentary filmmaker. Her films are about exposing the drug companies and what they are doing to children through medications and vaccines. Interwoven throughout the story are truths, like vaccine court and that the national vaccine injury compensation fund is funded through a tax on every vaccine administered, all with a backdrop of Senate hearings to possibly remove pharmaceutical company immunity from lawsuits. Throughout the book, Dani is being pursued by hit men sent by a pharmaceutical CEO to prevent her from exposing data from a long-term industry study linking autism to vaccines (and here we have the completely fictional part… though some believe a study like this should be done).

I enjoyed Vaccine Nation very much. The premise was just believable enough and yet unbelievable, too, to make it a perfect thriller.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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