The Prospect of My Arrival by Dwight Okita

The Prospect of My Arrival by Dwight Okita certainly has a unique premise. Prospect is an embryo who, through the miracle of science and the Pre-Born Project, gets to spend three weeks inhabiting a temporary body and spending time with “referrals” (some he would be in contact with in his life – like his mother – and others that he likely would never meet but represent different types of people) so he can ultimately make the decision of whether or not he wants to be born.

The book is very engaging. It is fast-paced. The characters are all very different from each other, mostly well rounded, and interesting. It’s a fascinating look at types of people and also points out that scientific experiments that depend on human interaction are completely uncontrollable. The Prospect of My Arrival kept me reading because I really wanted to know if Prospect would choose to be born or to return to the gene pool. I cared about some of the characters. A couple things bothered me, though. The style of writing is difficult sometimes. Every so often, I really felt like there was some deep-voiced announcer in my head patronizingly explaining things to me as I read. Also, the timeline makes no sense. Prospect’s older sister was the first (and apparently only other) pre-born and at the point Prospect is choosing to be born or not, she’s an older teen and yet Trish (the facilitator) says that she conceived the pre-born project three years ago. Very confusing. These are minor, though. The book as a whole is totally worth taking the time to read it.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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