Let it Go by Chris Williams

A 17 year old boy made some very bad choices one Friday night in February 2007. He got drunk and then drove his SUV resulting in a high speed crash with the Williams family. The mother, Michelle and her unborn baby, as well as two of the four children, Anna and Ben, were killed instantly. Another boy, Sam, was critically injured. In a moment, Chris Williams’s world changed completely with the loss of half of his family. And, yet, he chose to immediately forgive the young man who caused the accident.

Let It Go by Chris Williams is part memoir, part motivational, and part religious. He truly learned, painfully, how to apply the power of the atonement not just for repentance, but for forgiveness. The book is well written and relatively short so it reads fast. Reading it really makes you want to be a better person and learn from the lessons the author shares.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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