Nursing a Grudge by Diana Orgain

Kate is catching up with her friend Jill over lunch when they are interrupted by a call alerting Jill that her boyfriend Perry fell while hiking. Then Jill is being followed by a man in a skull cap and Melanie, Perry’s sister, is attacked by a man of a similar build. But never fear! Kate is a new-mommy PI-in-training. She takes the case, making tons of mistakes in the process, and eventually figures it all out right at the very end of the book.

Nursing A Grudge by Diana Orgain is pretty funny and completely unbelievable. The nursing mother gimmick mostly just annoyed me. The amount of time she is away from her four month old – but constantly thinking it’s about feeding time – is completely unrealistic. The book could have used a good copy editor. There were many mistakes (typos that Word wouldn’t underline because they were other words, missing words, repeated words). All in all, though, Nursing A Grudge is enjoyable as a quick, not much brain power required read.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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