Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know by Hamilton Wright Mabie

The 24 stories in Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know by Hamilton Wright Mabie include Beauty and the Beast, The Light Princess, The Ugly Duckling, The Princess on the Pea, The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack the Giant Killer, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Puss in Boots, Cinderella; Or, The Little Glass Slipper, Blue Beard, Tom Thumb, The Fair One With the Golden Locks, The Twelve Brothers, The Golden Goose, The White Cat, The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor, The History of Ali Baba, and of the Forty Robbers Killed by One Slave, The Story of Aladdin; Or, The Wonderful Lamp, Hansel and Grethel, The Enchanted Stag, The Magic Mirror, and One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes. Some of the tales are long, some are very short. All are far from the Disneyified versions we are used to. I read them out loud to my 6 and 8 year old sons as bedtime stories. Luckily, the boys don’t scare easily. As my 8 year old said when we finished the last story (Beauty and the Beast), “At least no one died in this one!”

3 (out of 5) Stars

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