Tedd and Todd’s Secret by Fernando Trujillo Sanz

A man wearing a black suit is killed by having his head cut off with a sword by a man wearing a white suit. Even stranger, the two men are identical except the man in white, surnamed White, has blond hair and blue eyes and the man in black, surnamed Black of course, has dark hair and eyes. And so begins Tedd and Todd’s Secret by Fernando Trujillo Sanz, a strange tale of two gangs/families, the Blacks and Whites, as they hunt and kill each other, using medieval weapons, all across London. Add in a cop on the verge of a breakdown due to his wife’s death five years prior, a reporter with a thing for the cop, a filthy rich man who likes to sue people just for the fun of it, a strange violet-eyed pair of an ancient man and his child companion, a bunch of other random characters thrown in for good measure, and a malfunctioning Big Ben, and you end up with a mess of a book.

Often when a book has problems like Tedd and Todd’s Secret does, I feel like in the hands of another author, it would have been great. That is not the case for this book. The premise is crazy and not very explainable. Tons of characters are introduced rapidly and some are not mentioned again for several chapters. It made it very confusing. With the exception of Tedd and Todd, all the characters sound exactly the same. The most annoying thing about the book was the writing. It was just plain terrible. The overuse of commas was insane. Properly placed commas are important. Adding, commas for no, particular reason makes, no sense (the randomly placed commas in this sentence give an idea of the randomly placed commas in the book). There were many misspellings and quite a few times the wrong word was used altogether (for example, upholstered was used to refer to the act of removing a gun from its holster). Words and phrases were repeated often (example: He went he went to bed). The grammar was atrocious. And some of the choices of words were not great (example: “That’s my secret,” he whispered secretly). There was a definite and severe need of an editor for this book! The saving graces, and why I gave the book 2 stars instead of 1, are the action was steady and interesting and the ending was pretty good. For the most part, though, it was just so bad. I wouldn’t recommend anyone bother reading it.

2 (out of 5) Stars

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