The Year of the Century: 1876 by Dee Brown

The Year of the Century: 1876 by Dee Brown discusses several events over the course of the 100th anniversary year of the United States. Quite a bit of the book is devoted to the election and results/lack of results that ran right up until about a week before inauguration day 1877 (which was in March back then). It also spends a lot of time discussing the Centennial Celebration. Also addressed are other events such as Custer’s Last Stand, the first superfast (max speed: 60mph) transcontinental train ride, the Women’s Suffrage movement, and larger than life people form the Wild West like Jesse James, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, and Billy the Kid.

The book is well researched and includes many references and an index. It certainly is a complete overview of one year in the life of our country. It tries to give the information in story format, but, unfortunately, more often The Year of the Century: 1876 reads like a textbook. Parts are fascinating and told in rich detail. Other parts were dreadfully dry and boring. Even so, it’s a decent read for people interested in US History or wanting to know more specifically about the centennial year of our country.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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