Wheat Belly by William Davis

William Davis is a cardiologist who noticed that many of his patients, upon removing gluten from their diet, got much healthier. After just a few months of eating gluten free, some no longer had diabetes, some no longer had arthritis, some no longer had digestive complaints, and most lost weight, sometimes in significant amounts. And so he wrote Wheat Belly to share this information with the world. Sometimes I think he goes overboard in saying gluten free will cure anything that ails you (there are well-placed qualifiers saying something like “this amazing cure will only happen if gluten intolerance is causing your illness,” but they are kind of written as quiet afterthoughts). Having seen a miraculous change in the health of my own daughter after a doctor suggested no longer eating gluten, I do believe Dr. Davis that he has seen health restored in many people. If gluten is your issue, this books is excellent for giving you the details behind wheat and how it has changed over the years and why it is causing problems in today’s health. It may even convince you to stop eating wheat even if gluten is not your problem. A sample week of menus is included and an appendix gives you the recipes to get you started on your new gluten-free diet.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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