Hybrid by Brian O’Grady

Are you a good mutant or a bad mutant? That is the question to ask as terrorists attempt to release a virus that infects and either kills or changes you into a sort of mind-reading, powerful superhuman. Amanda Flynn thought she was the only one to ever survive the disease called EDH1. As it turns out, she’s not the only one and while she has made the choice to be a good mutant, others most definitely have not. It’s a race against time to stop the terrorists from releasing the virus and killing the majority of the population of the United States.

I enjoyed Hybrid by Brian O’Grady a lot. The action was pretty much non-stop. Occasionally the words were incorrect but still actual words so spell check wouldn’t catch the mistake (like latter instead of later). There were a whole lot of characters and sometimes it was hard to keep track of who was who, especially since nearly every chapter (and some were very, very short) focused on a different person or group of people and it could be several chapters before going back to a scene from a previous chapter. Other than those issues, it was a great book!

4 (out of 5) Stars

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