Mafia to Mormon by Mario Falcione

Mario Facione was living the high life in Detroit, Michigan, running scams and making tons of money quite illegally. He was skeptical when two missionaries showed up at his door wanting to share the gospel with him, but he was curious, too. He kept those missionaries out way too late getting his questions answered. He joined the church, but soon knew he had to give up the Church or the mob. Of course no one leaves the mob alive, but that was okay. He was willing to die, though the thought made him sad only because it meant he’d never get to go to the temple if his former business associates killed him. And he really, really wanted to get to the temple. Amazingly, they let him leave the mafia. Mafia to Mormon is Mario’s incredible conversion story and amazing testimony. This is a must-read for all Church members. It’s an amazing story of God’s hand in one man’s life both to bring him into the Church and to get him to the temple at the right place at the right time.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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Filed under Memoir, Non-Fiction

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