The 100 by Kass Morgan

Three-hundred years post-cataclysm, there are problems on the spaceship holding all of what is believed to be left of the human race. The ship is breaking down so one-hundred teenage inmates are chosen to be sent to earth to determine if the radiation levels have dropped and if it is once again inhabitable. The chapters alternate between following Bellamy, who forced his way onto the dropship to protect his younger sister, Glass, who escaped just before the dropship left and is still on the main ship, Wells, the Chancellor’s son, who committed a crime in order to be sent to earth with Clarke, and Clarke, who, because she was Confined because of a secret Wells shared, wants nothing to do with him.

Though the writing sometimes leaves something to be desired, The 100 by Kass Morgan is extremely engaging. Sometimes I could not put it down because I wanted to know why the characters did what they did and what got them sent to Confinement and then to earth. The alternating close third person format with flashbacks in many of the chapters works extremely well. This is an excellent start to the trilogy with an incredible cliffhanger in the very last line that makes you want to read the second book immediately!

4 (out of 5) Stars

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