Day 21 by Kass Morgan

In the second book of The Hundred series, Day 21 by Kass Morgan, the kids on earth are figuring out how to survive while in space the ship is breaking apart and running out of oxygen. Once again, the book is told from alternating focus on Wells, Clarke, Bellamy, and Glass. Wells follows in his father’s footsteps of being a great leader, Clarke discovers what she believes about her parents may not be true at all, Bellamy is focused on getting his sister back from the Earthborns, and Glass realizes almost too late that she needs to get off the dying ship.

Middle books of dystopian trilogies are often just not as good as the other two books, but this is not the case with Day 21. There are fewer flashbacks in this one than in the first book, but the ones included really help gain understanding of the characters’ motivations. I found myself barely able to put the book down because I really wanted to know what would happen next. The last two or three chapters are the best with, like in the first book, some pretty dramatic twists.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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