Homecoming by Kass Morgan

Homecoming by Kass Morgan, the final book of The Hundred trilogy, opens with dropships full of people from the Colony crash landing on Earth. Unfortunately, Vice Chancellor Rhodes has survived and jumps right in to running things exactly how they were run on the ship. This includes immediately sentencing Bellamy to death. Bellamy, Wells, and Clarke decide to move in with Sasha and the friendly Earthborns and Glass and Luke head out on their own to escape Rhodes’s dictatorship.

As with the other books, Homecoming is written in alternating focus on Wells, Bellamy, Clarke, and Glass. It is the strongest of the three books in the trilogy. There are fewer flashbacks needed (though the Kindle formatting of the flashbacks is awful this time – in the first book they were obvious because they were in italics, in the second book they were are little more difficult because they were just a smaller font size, but in this third book they were terrible because they were barely a smaller font at all so, nearly every time, I had to stop and go back once I realized it was a flashback). I read the entire trilogy in three days because I really didn’t want to put the books down, they were that good. With about 13% left in this last book, I didn’t know how the author was going to tie it all up satisfactorily, but she most definitely did. The ending is perfect, though it was a bit sad getting there. Highly recommended!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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