Dangerous by Shannon Hale

Maisie Brown’s middle name literally is Danger, but she’s not Dangerous. Not until astronaut boot camp that is. Maisie’s a half-Latina, one-armed, homeschooled girl living a quiet life in Salt Lake City. She wants to be an astronaut and when the chance to win three weeks at space camp comes in a cereal box, she enters the contest. At astronaut boot camp she meets Wilder, a super rich hot guy with a sinister father, Mi-Sun, an 11-year-old, Jacques, a whiz at Name That Tune, and Ruth, who is no fan of Maisie. The five of them get the chance to go up a space elevator where they are infected with alien tokens that change them in very specific ways. One becomes a thinker and leader of the fireteam, one develops brute strength, one can build his own body armor with his skin, one can shoot anything faster and harder than a gun, and one can suddenly understand the inner workings of technology. Suddenly, Maisie’s life is a bit too exciting and dangerous, particularly when it becomes her job to save the world. Literally.

Dangerous by Shannon Hale is an amazing book. The romance between Maisie and Wilder is perfect and the non-romance between Maisie and her best friend Luther is hilarious. It’s nice that she is homeschooled but is a normal person. Homeschooling is just how she happens to be educated (like the vast majority of real life homeshoolers). As always, Shannon Hale describes things vividly bringing the story to life in the mind. I found myself thinking more than once that the book would make a pretty good movie. I could barely put the book down (which does get a bit annoying when reading at night… “just one more chapter” turns into 10 or 12). I highly recommend this book!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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