Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo is a story of how a kind deed can change the course of someone else’s life. Hugo can get very wordy (obviously, considering the length of the book), but his phrasing often conjures up marvelous, and sometimes funny, images. I found Marius and Cosette to be truly annoying while Eponine and Gavroche were both pretty awesome. Sometimes it is a bit odd when the narrative of the story is interrupted for a history lesson on Waterloo or a lengthy description of living in a convent or proclaiming the usefulness of human manure and a complete description of the 19th century Parisian sewers. But, as odd as those interruptions were, they are at least somewhat interesting and often educational. Les Miserables is good, albeit very long, book. It’s great for fans of the musical version since it provides useful background information that makes the musical make way more sense (for example, I always wondered why Fantine brought an incriminating letter with her to work leading to the fight that got her turned out on the street… spoiler alert: she didn’t; the way she ended up being put out is much more believable).

4 (out of 5) Stars

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