Jeannie Out of the Bottle by Barbara Eden

After meeting Barbara Eden and then reading her memoir, Jeannie Out of the Bottle, I have determined she is just plain a really nice person. Her book is very candid including when talking about the sad events like the loss of her stillborn second son and the deep depression that followed, her regrettable decision to divorce her first husband, and the loss of her first son to a drug overdose when he was only 35, as well as much happier times in her life. Her pain and joy is palpable in descriptions throughout the book. She talks about TV Shows (including a whole chapter on I Dream of Jeannie), movies, and live shows she worked on, and people she worked with over her many years in Hollywood. She talks openly of the drama created on set by Larry Hagman, but insists he was a really good person and had his reasons for his behavior. The tone of the book is that of a grandmother reminiscing and telling stories to her grandchildren. If you enjoyed watching I Dream of Jeannie, whether when they originally ran or in reruns like I did, Jeannie Out of the Bottle is a great book to read.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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One response to “Jeannie Out of the Bottle by Barbara Eden

  1. I loved that programme and I really want to read this!

    Great review,


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