Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas by Darryl Nyznyk

Jared, the leader of a gang of poor kids, is angry over being abandoned by his father. Sarah, a bored, rich pre-teen, just wants a little attention from her father. Jared and his friends decide to burglarize Sarah’s house during a Christmas party. About the same time, Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, shows up to be Sarah’s nanny. In the middle of the burglary gone wrong, Nicholas, Jared, and Sarah disappear and land in Bethlehem just prior to Jesus’ birth where both children learn an important lesson.

Mary’s Son: A Tale of Christmas is an okay book. I didn’t especially dislike it, but I didn’t really like it either. The mash-up of Santa Claus and Jesus Christ at Christmas was strange. While in Bethlehem, they were invisible to everyone until suddenly the rules changed and Mary addressed them directly. The moral is obvious and the book pretty much hits you over the head with it to be sure you get it. Two events happen at the end that are not realistic, but do tie up the book with amazing miracles (and, really, in a book that includes time traveling with Santa Claus, realism was clearly not a goal). On the good side, Mary’s Son by Darryl Nyznyk was well-edited and, if you can get past the saccharin sweet, hit you over the head parts of the book, the story is very uplifting.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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