Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

Zinzi December is one of the “animalled,” those who have committed crimes and now must announce this to the world by carrying their burden in the form of an animal with them at all times (hers is a sloth). Those with animals, commonly called Zoos, have magical gifts. Zinzi’s is finding lost things. She’s hired to find a missing teenage girl, half of a South African pop duo, iJusi.

Zoo City wasn’t totally horrible and I actually did want to find out how it would end, but it was still pretty bad. The author really likes four letter words, particularly the one beginning with F. The storyline was confusing and disjointed and randomly interrupted with chapters that didn’t fit at all. There were distracting side stories that weren’t necessary or could have taken up far less space. Also, the Zoos can apparently be pretty far from their animal before some sort of pain and nausea hits. It just didn’t make sense that if they are being marked as “bad” by the animal why they didn’t have to actually have their animal with them at all times. I do not recommend this book.

2 (out of 5) Stars

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