Michael Vey 5: Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans

The fifth book in the Michael Vey series opens right where the fourth one left off. The Electroclan succeeded in rescuing Jade Dragon, but the news that the ranch has been bombed and there are no survivors puts a damper on their happiness. They return to the ranch and find utter devastation with no one left but one barely alive Elgen guard. The kids return to the US and discover everything they think they know is wrong and eventually end up at a ranch in Utah. Meanwhile, Hatch and his glows and Elgen army finally arrive at Tuvalu and quickly take control of the island nation (serious comparisons to Hitler and his rise to power here). Hatch appoints Quentin king, but the loyal glows may not be as loyal as previously thought. Finally, former-chairman Schema reappears in Europe and is whisked off by the 16th electric kid to meet The Voice.

This book does a lot of necessary setting up for the last two of the series. The things that happened really have to when they do and merging it in with the other books likely would not have worked. Nothing happened that is as exciting as, say, blowing up the Ampere, but many smaller things happened that were nail-biters. It was a bit less stressful for me to read than the previous book and that helped me enjoy it more. In fact, I’d put it as a contender for my top two Michael Vey favorites (tied with the first one, Prisoner of Cell 25). Once again there was a cliffhanger that left me excited for the next book. I very highly recommend Michael Vey 5: Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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