Kamikaze Kangaroos! by Tony James Slater

Kamikaze Kangaroos! by Tony James Slater is a travelogue about an extended backpacking trip taken by the author (who may actually be insane), Roo (his girlfriend/sister’s best friend), and Gill (his sister). They drove their trusty, and well decorated, van, Rusty, all over Australia (and then they went to New Zealand, but Rusty didn’t go with them for that part of the trip). In between sightseeing and hiking the Bibbulmun Track, they spent weeks to months working in various places in order to afford to eat along the way. Told with an amazing dry, sarcastic, British sense of humor, Kamikaze Kangaroos! is a pretty quick read (in spite of being very long) totally worth the time. I literally laughed out loud several times. One caution, however. There is a far bit of bad language, particularly when the author is recounting certain conversations or making some jokes, and there is sex, though it is not graphically described or anything, it just happens.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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2 responses to “Kamikaze Kangaroos! by Tony James Slater

  1. Awesome review, thanks Heather! I really appreciate your kind words. I’m trying to tone down my language (in real life, as well as in books!) – if you do ever decide to read my first book about Ecuador, I apologise in advance, because that one is FULL of swearing! Um… my bad 🙂

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