The Kill Order by James Dashner

Thirteen years before Thomas entered the Maze, small settlements of survivors of the sun flares were attacked with darts shot from bergs. Those darts contained a virus that was supposed kill half the population quickly. Instead, it mutated into the terrible disease that became known as the Flare. Mark, Trina, Lana, and Alec come across a little girl named Deedee who was hit by a dart, but did not get sick (Teresa, presumably, though that fact is not revealed in the book). It’s a race against time, the Flare, and Cranks to get her to safe people she can help.

Of the four books in the Maze Runner series, The Kill Order was my least favorite. It was by far the most violent. Chapters would go by where nothing happened but gory descriptions of the behavior and fights of the Cranks. It was not fun to read. I did enjoy the story of what happened starting with the Sun Flares told through Mark’s dreams. The violence could have been toned down dramatically, however.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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