Actors Anonymous by James Franco

Written as a sort of 12 step program for actors, Actors Anonymous is a truly horrible book. It is a collection of loosely connected stories that sometimes make sense. When they are coherent they are actually decent. Unfortunately those moments are few and far between. Some parts are autobiographical, some parts are loosely based on reality, and some parts are completely fiction. A good portion of it is just stream of consciousness randomness. In among the stories and stream of consciousness chapters, there is a poemish thing about River Phoenix, a part of a fake magazine article that has been annotated with the annotations present for the part of the article that is missing, and some random snippets of scripts. There is some complaining about being a famous actor who is rich because that is, apparently, annoying. If nothing else, I learned that James Franco is a very foul-mouthed sex-obsessed man. He especially likes the a-word and the f-word. There is a whole lot of sex, both gay and straight. Apparently that’s a famous actor perk (so I guess he likes at least one part of being an actor). This book is just plain bad. It is not worth the time it took to borrow it from the Kindle Lending Library.

1 (out of 5) Stars

Books Read in 2015: 98
Pages Read in 2015: 28,410
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Applied to Category for Special Reading Challenge: A book with bad reviews (2 1/2 Stars)

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