Baby Shark by Robert Fate

Kristin, better known as Baby Shark, is just 17 when she witnesses a gang murder her hustler father and then is brutally raped and beaten before being left for dead in the torched pool hall where it all happened. Once she recovers, she becomes obsessed with avenging that night and killing the four remaining gang members. She learns hand to hand combat, shooting, and becomes a master at pool herself and hustles to earn her living all while hunting down the gang members one by one.

Baby Shark is a fast-paced thriller set in the underworld of 1950s Texas. The action starts right away and doesn’t quit until the very last page. It’s a good book, but, unfortunately, the author chose to completely control the font on the Kindle version. Set to my normal reading size, the print was rendered very tiny. If I set it to a bigger, more comfortable reading size, when I switched to other books I was also reading, the font size on those was huge. This made the reading experience a bit annoying. I do not like it when authors choose to control the font and size like that.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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