Son by Lois Lowry

When something goes wrong when Claire, a birthmother, delivers her first product, she is quickly discharged from the birth center and transferred to the fish hatchery. She develops a relationship with one of the nursery workers and so is able to get to know her son without anyone realizing who she is. The day Jonas escapes with Gabriel, Claire leaves the community as well. She is shipwrecked in a little village where it is nearly impossible to ever leave for no other reason than geography. But try to leave and find her son she must. Claire finds someone who can take her to Gabe, but he requires a trade that Claire does not quite understand the consequences of when she makes it.

Son, the final book in the Giver Quartet, is divided into three part. The first part is set back in the community at the time of Gabriel’s birth several months before Jonas was selected as Receiver. The second part is set in a village where the only ways out are the sea or a cliff. The third part is set in the village where Jonas and Gabriel ended up when the escaped from the community. While the book sometimes drags (particularly in the second third), it is enjoyable and ties up everything from the other three books very nicely. I highly recommend it to all who have read and enjoyed the first three of the quartet.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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