The Forests of Silence by Emily Rodda

Leif is growing up in Del, a city controlled by the evil Shadow Lord. He is surprised on his 16th birthday when his parents tell him he needs to go on a quest for seven missing gems in the hopes of saving Deltora. He and his companion, Barda, head first to the Forests of Silence. There they team up with a girl, Jasmine, in their hunt for the first gem.

I love the Deltora Quest books. I first read them to my teens when they were small, then later I read them to myself, and now I am reading them to my younger sons. Every time I read them it is like meeting old friends once again. I love Leif, Jasmine, and Barda. Everyone should read this series at least once!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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Filed under Fantasy, Middle Grades

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