Summer Flambè by Paisley Ray

In this second of the Rachael O’Brien Chronicles, Rachael is home for the summer of 1987, between her first and second years of college. First her father’s girlfriend practically moves in since someone broke into her apartment… and cleaned. Then Rachael’s mom and her probable girlfriend, aura reader Betts, show up in Canton for a few days for a psychic convention (where Rachael runs into a very hot guy who happens to be from her past). When a very valuable old painting goes missing at the same time Maeve and Betts disappear, Rachael gets some shocking news about her family.

Rachael O’Brien’s life is certainly never dull and because of that, the Rachael O’Brien Chronicles are interesting and fun to read. Summer Flambè is well-edited with only a handful of mistakes, mostly toward the end. The climax and resolution happened a little too suddenly, but were quite the unexpected twist. I highly recommend this book (it is not necessary to read the first book first, but it does gives background information that would make this one more understandable).

5 (out of 5) Stars

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