The Eagle by Rosemary Sutcliff

Centurion Marcus Aquila is injured in battle and must leave his legion. He moves in with his uncle. While there, he acquires a slave, Esca, and meets a feisty girl, Cottia. All the time, he wonders what happened to the Ninth Legion, his father’s legion, that walked into the mist in present-day Scotland and never returned. Determined to learn the truth, Marcus and Esca set out on a perilous journey among the tribes to find the Ninth’s lost Eagle.

I usually love historical fiction, but I can’t say that about this book. While there were some exciting points scattered here and there, it was mostly slow and boring with characters I just didn’t care about. I had to force myself to keep reading (since I am pre-reading for one of my sons who will be reading it in school next year) and often found I had to go back several pages because my mind had wandered and I had no idea what I had just read. It simply didn’t hold my attention. The Eagle is the first book in a trilogy and I would not continue on reading the other two books if I wasn’t pre-reading them for my son.

2 (out of 5) Stars

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