Tracked by Heather Sunseri

Jonas sends Kyle to Costa Rica to investigate strange reports about children and to see if he can find what happened to two shipments of trackers that went missing. There, he meets Raven, the American daughter of a couple who run a humanitarian camp, who witnessed a murder the previous year, but can not remember what happened that night. After Raven is almost kidnapped, Kyle is shocked to find she has a tracker in her neck. He calls in reinforcements and is soon joined by Lexi, Jack, and Jonas. Raven must remember that horrible night in order to find out just what is going on in the little town of La Fortuna.

Like the first Mindspeak book, Tracked starts out a little slow, but once it really gets going, it doesn’t slow down again. It was left completely open for additional books (and I do hope the author writes more!), but the story can end here. It occurs in the same “world” as the first three Mindspeak books, not long after the end of the third one, with some of the same characters, but in a totally different setting. It is more or less able to be a standalone book (it is surely better having read Mindspeak, Mindsiege, and Mindsurge first, however). I definitely recommend this book for Mindspeak fans and anyone who enjoys young adult books.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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