Shave My Spider! by Tony James Slater

Tony James Slater and his wife Roo spent six months touring six countries (Borneo, Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Laos and Cambodia). As always, crazy situations followed them around. I love Tony’s writing. First of all, he is flat out funny. I have a tendency to read multiple books at once, switching between them on my Kindle, and every time I’d laugh out loud while reading, various members of my family would ask if I was reading Shave My Spider! again. I also quite enjoy the bits of history he includes along with the anecdotes he tells. There either wasn’t as much swearing in this book compared to his previous ones or I’ve gotten used to it (I’m pretty sure there is less). There are a few (very few) times words in sentences are repeated, but not enough to be overly annoying. I wholeheartedly recommend Shave My Spider!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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