Deceived by Heather Sunseri

Feeling rejected by Jonas, Bree heads to Portland in search of clones Addison says are hidden at a BioTech firm owned by Bree’s father. Jonas and the others arrive to help (Lexi and Jack soon return to Palmyra and Kyle and Raven go to Wellington). Bree is accused of murder so the police, in addition to the IIA, are searching for her. Jonas and Bree don’t know who they can trust (her father? her mother? Addison? each other?) but they must locate the missing clones in the hopes of putting an end to yet another group of scientists experimenting on humans.

Deceived, the fifth book of the Mindspeak series, picks up a little before the end of Tracked. I never really liked the character of Bree in the first three Mindspeak books, but I grew to like her very much reading this book. The book was very well written and hard to put down. It went right into the action and never stopped until the very end. I highly recommend Deceived to all fans of the Mindspeak series!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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