Don’t Need the Whole Dog! by Tony James Slater

Don’t Need The Whole Dog! picks up shortly after Tony James Slater arrived home from Ecuador (which he wrote about in That Bear Ate My Pants!) and ends right after he got to Australia (which he wrote about in Kamikaze Kangaroos!). It covers a trip he took with his mother to the US to pick his sister up following her time working at Camp America (that’s also when Tony first met Roo), the time he and Gill spent renovating a house his father bought while the rest of the family was in the US (and the accompanying craziness involved since they appeared on a “reality” show about house renovations), a stint working on a boat, and his three months volunteering in Thailand that turned into almost a year.

It wasn’t quite as laugh out loud funny as some of his later books, but still very amusing and, as with all of Tony’s books that I’ve read, I was highly entertained. My only problems with it were a few grammar issues (generally the wrong word or a word missing completely) and, of course, the language. I highly recommend reading this and all of Tony’s books. You won’t regret it!

4 (out of 5) Stars

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