Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’ve Got Henchmen by Richard Roberts

Penny, Claire, and Ray are back on earth and delighted to find many of their super powered classmates are proclaiming their skills openly. They create an after school club complete with super sparring to practice their skills. Penny, however, can’t participate in the sparring because her parents have asked her not to. Everyone wants to fight her, though, so eventually things happen where she has to get involved.

Honestly, it was darn near impossible to come up with a synopsis of this book. The reason? There was no clear plot. It jumped around, often making no sense because of this. There were grammar and spelling errors. It was in serious need of an editor. I kept hoping it would get better. The first book in the series was so great. The second book was weird, but not horrible. This one was just kind of terrible. There were many characters that were sometimes referred to by their villain/hero names and sometimes by their real names with no rhyme or reason to when making it hard to keep them straight. Penny repeatedly said she couldn’t remember one character’s real name and so she was always referred to as Beaddown and then all of a sudden she was referred to by her real name (Charlotte) and from then on only called her real name and not her hero name. That was just one example of the weird editing issues. The Penny/Ray relationship was ridiculous (particularly since they are only 12 and 13) and it seemed like the same scenes were repeated over and over. Often things happened or side plots were introduced and then abandoned making the whole book a mess. The end was so lame and disappointing. The climax of the story was a dud. I am sad to say I just don’t recommend this book at all.

1 (out of 5) Stars

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