Can I Kiss Her Yet? by Tony James Slater

Can I Kiss Her Yet?, the fourth book by Tony James Slater, covers a trip to Jordan, the launch of That Bear Ate My Pants!, Gill’s wedding, Tony and Roo’s wedding, a trip around England, and then on to Australia for a boring year. As usual with Tony’s books I often laughed out loud and sometimes went back to read bits to my husband or 16-year-old daughter. This often led to them laughing along with me. My daughter especially enjoyed the heavily redacted first honeymoon chapter. My husband laughed a lot at the discussion of Tony and Roo’s first date being at McDonald’s because our first date was at Burger King which is, of course, a step up from McDonald’s. They’re all getting why I enjoy reading Tony’s books so much. Quite simply, he’s hilarious. The language isn’t too horrible in this one. I debated whether it was bad enough to drop my rating to four stars, but ultimately decided it was not. There are some random typos (most often a repeated word or a word spelled incorrectly making it the correct spelling of a totally different word so spell check wouldn’t catch it). They bothered me a little bit, but I’m weird when it comes to proofreading and notice mistakes like that more than most. I highly recommend this and all of Tony’s books. They don’t need to be read in publication order. I read them third, first, fifth, second, fourth and that worked just fine.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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