Sunchoke by Paisley Ray

Sky Bleaux, along with The Moon Dude, another MUFON member, pick up Rachael from the vigilante border station and head for Shaman Kirk’s new agey retreat to question the victim of an alien abduction. They almost collide with Bear, a Native American, who tells them his friend has been abducted by aliens. While at the retreat, Agent Storm Cauldwell shows up so Rachael is able to give him the can of poison and Stone’s gun. On a middle of the night hike, Rachael and Bear discover the truth about the aliens along with some typical Rachael trouble.

Picking up immediately after the previous book ended, Sunchoke is the ninth Rachael O’Brien book. The storyline is interesting and has a lot of action. It does need an additional edit to get rid of some remaining typing and editing errors. The problem I had with the book is it really should have been the second half of the eighth book. By dividing the single story in two, it really feels like the author is just trying to generate more money from book sales. I do recommend reading it to those who enjoy the Rachael O’Brien Chronicles, however, because the story is good. It’s just annoying that what should have been one book was split into two.

3 (out of 5) Stars

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