It’s Bliss by Alene Roberts

Billie Bliss is convinced that romance is dead. Because of this she has sworn off men. She ends up being selected for Project Success, an experiment being run by her attractive business professor. This experiment is supposed to help her succeed in business by succeeding in life. Add in a self-appointed PI and you have a crazy romantic comedy.

It’s Bliss can only be described as dumb. The characters were one-dimensional. The dialogue sounded like it was straight out of a 50s romantic comedy even though it was clearly set much more recently. There was a weird obsession with weight and weight loss and, apparently, women can only succeed in business and attract men if they lose the extra pounds since being overweight means they just don’t take care of themselves. The storyline was so incredibly predictable. The main character was utterly perfect (once she lost the extra weight, of course) and at the same time utterly insufferable. I’m giving it two stars only because it did end how I wanted it to (as predictable as it was) and while I read it mostly in a state of horror, it was at least somewhat entertaining.

2 (out of 5) Stars

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