Renaissance by Heather Sunseri

With a cure invented and a vaccine being manufactured, the citizens of New Caelum are on the edge of being able to move out of the city and into the rest of the country if they want. But then Governor Jackson, dictator of six outlying settlements, threatens President Layne to get back something he says is his that she has. A new threat appears when they discover the Governor is training attack dogs and making them sick with a disease similar to Bad Sam, making living weapons of mass destruction. West and Cricket must work together if they want all the remaining citizens of the United States to go back to how it was before Bad Sam appeared, and especially if they want their own happily ever after.

Renaissance, the third book in the Emerge series, is just as good as the first two. There’s lots of action in this one and a nice amount of romance, too. Once again, I could barely put the book down and finished it in one day. (I think my husband was relieved when I finished it because I always had my nose in a book – or Kindle – as I read them. The only other serieses I have consumed so fast and had so much trouble putting down every book were The Hunger Games and The 100.) I loved the ending. It was perfect. I very highly recommend this book and the whole Emerge series!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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