Where Home Is by Karen J Hasley

It is 1910, and Katherine Davis has graduated from medical school and taken a one-year position as the doctor at Hull House in Chicago. She throws herself into the work she loves while at the same time being courted by Douglas Gallagher, a wealthy man who isn’t quite what he seems. The year goes by quickly and soon she is on her way back to Laramie Wyoming excited to see family and friends and hopeful that she will be able to set up her own practice.

Where Home Is is a gentle love story mixed into the historical backdrop of the early 20th century. The glimpses into the practice of medicine in the pre-antibiotic era and the buzz of life at Hull House were fascinating. The story moved a bit slowly, fitting with the era. I enjoyed it very much and was so happy with how it ended. It’s part of a loosely related series (this is the third book). It is not necessary to read any of the other books for this one to make sense.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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