Free Souls by Susan Kaye Quinn

Kira is living full time at headquarters completely focused on killing Kestral. But Julian inexplicably does not want her to go on any missions which means she can’t achieve her goal. Meanwhile, Senator Vellus is hyping up fear of the Jackers more and more. People are having to submit to testing to prove they aren’t Jackers and innocent Jackers are being sent to the Detention Center bearing his name. Meanwhile, Kestral is continuing his experiments. Kira and the rest of Julian’s recruits are racing to figure out how to stop everything and get their freedom back.

Free Souls, the last of the Mindjack trilogy, was my favorite of the three. The very end was exactly what I wanted, but there were many times I was sure it wouldn’t turn out that way. There were a couple twists that totally surprised me. I really didn’t see them coming. The book is very well written and enjoyable. By halfway through I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend reading it (after the first two Mindjack books)!

5 (out of 5) Stars

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