Mindjack Short Story Collection by Susan Kaye Quinn

Mindjack Short Story Collection includes five novellas, two deleted scenes, and two pieces of flash fiction. The novellas are Mind Games (before Open Minds; about Raf’s feelings for Kira), The Handler (about the first of Julian’s recruits – a very dangerous handler), The Scribe (about Sasha and why he is reluctant to use his powers), Keeper (about Kira and her desire to be sent on missions even though Julian doesn’t want her to; shows how she began to learn to control her body with her mind), and The Locksmith (simultaneous to Open Minds; the story of a mindjacker, Zeph, who can lock and unlock people’s minds). The flash fiction (very, very short, but packed with action) pieces are Leaving Gurnee (about when Kira’s parents and Xander were attacked and had to flee their home) and Seeds of Promise (a glimpse into Anna’s time in Kestral’s prison). The deleted scenes are Kestrel’s Interrogation and Drinking the Water. Both of the scenes are referred to in Free Souls. Before each novella and short story is a little background information and guidance on when it should be read. I enjoyed these extra bits very much. I read everything in the collection at once. I think it would have been better to have read the parts as directed through the collection. Either way works, though. I highly recommend the Mindjack Short Story Collection to all fans of the Mindjack trilogy.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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