Rebellion by Kass Morgan

A month after the dropships arrived, the colonists and the earthborns are getting along well and preparing to celebrate with a harvest feast. Just as they are all gathering together, Protectors, members of an earth-worshipping cult, ambush them, killing some people and kidnapping others, stealing their supplies, and burning the village. The kidnapped people (including Wells and Glass) are taken to the Protectors’ camp in the Pentagon. A rescue party (including Clarke and Bellamy) head out to get their friends back.

I really enjoyed the first three books of The 100 series so I was thrilled when I saw that another was being released. Rebellion did not disappoint. It’s a quick read that really allows you to understand some of the characters and their motives (specifically Wells, Glass, Clarke, and Bellamy). It is written from a close third person point of view, but alternates between those four characters. I highly recommend this book to The 100 fans and fans of young adult dystopian (but read the first three books first).

5 (out of 5) Stars

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