Sign of the Green Dragon by C. Lee McKenzie

Eleven-year-old friends Sam, Roger, and Joey are exploring a cave when they stumble upon a skeleton and a chest with a picture of a dragon on the top and a note promising treasure if they can just solve a mystery. The boys take a bus to a small town where they meet Jen and his uncle Li Kwan, two men who live in a house built right into a mine. The more they find out about the author of the note, the more determined they become to solve the mystery and find the treasure.

Sign of the Green Dragon artfully blends Chinese culture, dragon lore, and the trail of clues to solve the over century old mystery. At times, particularly in the second quarter of the book, it dragged a bit and was occasionally confusing. The last half of the book was very exciting and my boys didn’t want me to stop reading to them when it was time to go to sleep. I definitely recommend Sign of the Green Dragon to kids and parents alike. It makes a very enjoyable family read aloud.

***I was provided this ebook by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

4 (out of 5) Stars

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