Summer at Sunset by Beth Labonte

Summer and Graham are engaged and preparing for their free wedding (a prize from a bridal show contest) at Sunset Havens (the retirement community where Graham’s parents live). Mixing Beth’s parents, Graham’s parents, and Sunset Havens is guaranteed to create some real craziness.

Summer at Sunset is even funnier than the first book, Summer at Sea. I laughed so much. It’s a quick read and truly enjoyable brain candy. Mostly it’s told from Summer’s point of view in her wonderfully sarcastic way, but occasionally it switches to Graham so we get to see into his (possibly not quite as neurotic) mind. I highly recommend reading this book. Reading the first book is not completely necessary, but will add to the enjoyment of this one.

5 (out of 5) Stars

Books Read in 2017: 4
Pages Read in 2017: 1603
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Reason I Chose It: I really enjoyed the first book

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