Terminal Value by Thomas Waite

When Mantric buys out start-up MobiCelus and then has a huge IPO, Dylan and his team become instant paper millionaires. But then Tony turns up dead and something’s not quite right with the financials. Dylan begins looking for the culprit, but soon finds things are way worse than he thought.

I enjoyed reading Terminal Value. It was fast-paced and mostly well done. There were four things that bugged me about it, though. One, the police didn’t immediately take Tony’s work hard drive like they did his home computer giving the company time to wipe it. Two, a certain character not attending Tony’s funeral was mentioned before Tony’s funeral happened. Three, one of the culprits was such a side character that when it was revealed he did it, it took me a minute to place him making the big reveal fizzle a bit. Four, the sex scene is weirdly placed and completely unnecessary. Otherwise, it was good. I recommend it to anyone who likes to read thrillers.

4 (out of 5) Stars

Books Read in 2017: 12
Pages Read in 2017: 3842
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Reason I Chose It: Birthstone Bookology (T in GARNET)

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