A Chance for Sunny Skies by Eryn Scott

Sunny Skies almost drowned and the pictures that flashed through her head weren’t from her own life. She figures it’s because her life is so horrible, but then she begins seeing the images in real life and each one leads her to something to make her life better.

The first more than 3/4 of this book was excellent. The descriptions of how Sunny felt in social situations (she has severe anxiety) were perfect. Her interactions (especially on her first date) were often downright funny they were so awkward. I was totally loving the book and then just when it was wrapping up like a perfect mind vacation book, everything changed. I kind of felt like the author got to the end of the story, realized it was a bit too short, and tacked on a bit of a mess. Even so, it’s still a good book to read when you want a little break.

4 (out of 5) Stars

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