Edgewood by Karen McQuestion

Insomniac Russ witnesses glowing rocks falling from the sky in the middle of the night. Soon he discovers he has superpowers resulting from his experience and he’s not the only teenager to have that happen. One group is hunting the kids with powers and another group is trying to fight the hunters and both want Russ and his friends to join them.

The first book in a series, Edgewood was well-written and really sucked me in. I had trouble putting it down, wanting to read “just one more chapter.” I’ve already bought the next book in the series and can’t wait to start it! I recommend Edgewood to teens and adults who like sci-fi (and, really, even those who don’t… sci-fi is not usually a genre I enjoy, but occasionally I do and this is definitely one of those times).

5 (out of 5) Stars

Books Read in 2017: 38
Pages Read in 2017: 11,145
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Reason I Chose It: Birthstone Bookology (E in AQUAMARINE)

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