Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

It’s late 1999 and Lincoln is an IT guy at a newspaper working nights reading people’s flagged emails and sending warning notices. Beth and Jennifer’s emails keep getting flagged, but for some reason Lincoln can’t bring himself to send them a warning or stop reading their conversations. Meanwhile, Lincoln’s still not totally over his high school girlfriend (even though he’s 28) and still lives at home. But maybe it’s finally time for him to grow up and take some risks.

I enjoyed Attachments. It wasn’t a book that I couldn’t wait to get back to reading after I put it down, but it still had the happily ever after feel that I love. It’s a fun mind vacation and totally worth spending the time it takes to read it.

4 (out of 5) Stars

Books Read in 2017: 65
Pages Read in 2017: 19,150
Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks (more book reviews!)
Reason I Chose It: Birthstone Bookology (A in EMERALD)

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