Conceal by Andrea Pearson

Coolidge’s talisman is stolen by a croent on Keitus’s orders so Nicole, Lizzie, and Austin team up with Jacob Clark to get it back and try to find the other talismans spread around the world. They know one is in Japan in the possession of one of Coolidge’s friends so they head there to see if they can get to it before Keitus does.

Conceal is the sixth book in the Mosaic Chronicles series and the first to add characters from the Kilenya series, joining both of the author’s worlds. Being both a Kilenya and a Mosaic Chronicles fan, I found this book to be completely and totally awesome. The writing was excellent, the action was nearly constant and sometimes intense, and the imagination level was perfect. I very highly recommend reading this book. You technically don’t have to read any of the Mosaic or Kilenya books first, but I do think your enjoyment will be much greater if you have read at least one series, if not both.

5 (out of 5) Stars

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Reason I Chose It: I really like the series

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